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About Clovertree Spa

Clovertree Spa is designed and intended specifically for spa professionals. Spa protocols, video trainings, and other educational tools and tips will be posted here and on our Instagram page @ClovertreeSpa.


Clovertree Apothecary was founded in 2009 by Amy Bohn - massage therapist, herbalist, and co-owner of one the top organic spa companies in the world. Amy and her team of herbalists and chemists have spent more than a decade developing authentic, pure, plant-powered products, specifically formulated to remedy the various skin and body concerns that are common to today's spa-goers and consumers. These products have now been tested and perfected by hundreds of estheticians and massage therapists on hundreds of thousands of satisfied spa customers, and are proven to provide real results and a beautiful, luxurious experience.

Clovertree products are Plant Powered® - packed full of pure plant ingredients and formulated to remedy specific skin and body concerns common to spa customers. It is a true “clean beauty” line, containing no artificial colors or fragrances, and no harmful chemicals or preservatives. All products are gluten-free and “beegan” (vegan + bee products) and never tested on animals.

Clovertree Apothecary. Plant Powered® Beauty.


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