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Raw Earth Purifying

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Scent Experience: Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Grapefruit

Recommended For: Oil or Problem/Acneic Skin

Time: 50 Minutes

Cost Per Treatment: $8.48 Per Facial

Spa Menu Copy: Our Raw Earth Purifying Facial focuses on deep cleansing and skin purification. Our Deep Cleansing Scrub and Purifying Tonic (both featuring the herbal cleansing duo of tea tree and lemon-grass) will help eliminate redness and blemishes, while an ultra-sonic infusion of our Lilac Clearing Serum (scientifically proven to eliminate breakouts) will help tone and clear the skin naturally. Includes a Hungarian apothecary mud mask for deep detoxification. We promise, your skin will thank you! Our most popular facial for men.

What You'll Need: Lemongrass Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Oil Selection, Calendula Therapy Oil, Herbal Cleansing Milk, Deep Cleansing Face Wash, Deep Cleansing Scrub, Deep Cleansing Elixir, Apothecary Mud, Cold & Sinus Balm, Lilac Clearing Serum, Edelweiss Eye Serum, Firming Eye Cream, Purifying Tonic, Seasonal Lotion Selection.


  • Place 2 small hand stones in warm towel warmer ahead of time to heat for hand/arm massage.

  • Prepare a Crock Pot with warm water and 10 folded organic facial cloths submerged in the water.

Recommended equipment: Tei Spa Brand - Sonic Spatula Ultrasonic Cleansing Tool.


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