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Flower Power Hydrating Facial

Scent Experience: Rose, Blueberry, Chocolate, Honey

Recommended For: Aging or Dry Skin; Maximum Hydration

Time: 50 Minutes

Cost Per Treatment: $9.36 Per Facial

Spa Menu Copy:

There is nothing more important than hydrating your skin, so show your skin some love with our Flower Power Hydrating Facial. This luxurious facial features our powerful Triple C Repair Serum (with carrots, cranberries and chardonnay grapeseed oil to stimulate collagen production and cell turnover) and our Cocoberry Moisture Masque (a luscious combination of chocolate, honey, aloe and blueberry to boost elasticity and deeply hydrate the skin). Finished with an ultrasonic infusion of our Cape Jasmine Youth Serum to firm and lift the skin while reducing wrinkles.

Our most popular facial for women.

What You'll Need:

Lavender Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Oil Selection, Calendula Therapy Oil, Herbal Cleansing Milk, Moisture Boost Face Wash, Blueberry Micro Refining Skin Polish, Moisture Boost Facial Elixir, Cocoberry Moisture Masque, Cold & Sinus Balm, Cape Jasmine Youth Serum, Edelweiss Eye Serum, Firming Eye Cream, Triple C Repair Serum, Seasonal Lotion Selection.


Place 2 small hand stones in warm towel warmer ahead

of time to heat for hand/arm massage.

Prepare a Crock Pot with warm water and

10 folded organic facial cloths submerged in the water.

Recommended Equipment: Tei Spa Brand - Sonic Spatula Ultrasonic Cleansing Tool.


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