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Mellow Out CBD Facial

Scent Experience: Rose, Lavender, Berries, and Chocolate

Recommended For: All Skin Types

Time: 50 Minutes

Cost Per Treatment: Approx. $7.78 Per Facial

Spa Menu Copy: If you have any skin inflammation, this facial is for you! Our Mellow Out CBD Facial is unlike any facial you have ever experienced before. We combine 82% Organic Green Tea Oil with Texas prickly pear oil and CBD Distillate to give your skin a supercharge of calming benefits. It also has the added benefit of calming your mind and body.

What You'll Need: Lavender Essential Oil, Comfort Me Calming Oil, Calendula Thera-py Oil, Moisture Boost Face Wash, Blueberry Micro-Refining Skin Polish, Moisture Boost Facial Elixir, CBD Eye Serum, Cocoberry Moisture Masque, CBD Overnight Facial Serum, Clear Me Cold & Sinus Oil.


  • Place 2 small hand stones in warm towel warmer ahead of time to heat for hand/arm massage.

  • Prepare a small bowl of ice water with 6 mini stones for the cold stone eye treatment.

  • Prepare a Crock Pot with warm water and 10 folded organic facial cloths submerged in the water.


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