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Plant Stem Cell Facial

Scent Experience: Lightly Scented with Neroli and Chamomile

Recommended For: Dull Skin; Brightening/Glowing

Time: 50 Minutes

Cost Per Treatment: Approx. $7.68 Per Facial

Spa Menu Copy:

Treat your skin to this highly potent facial featuring the plant power of 5 different plant stem cells, Goji Berry Peptides and the skin healing benefits of Pomegranate Seed Oil. Through a unique delivery system, these plant ingredients will sink deep into the skin to relieve your most common skin care concerns. For an add-ed treat, we include a relaxing cold stone eye therapy with our unique Edelweiss Plant Stem Cell Eye Serum to firm and tone the delicate skin around the eyes.

What You'll Need:

Lavender Essential Oil, Comfort Me Calming Oil, Calendula Therapy Oil, Skin Brightening Face Wash, Gentle Cleansing Scrub, Vintage Lavender Body Lotion, Moisture Boost Elixir, Edelweiss Eye Serum, Choice of Plant Stem Cell Serum (any or all), Flow-er Power Night Cream, Triple C Repair Serum, Clear Me Cold & Sinus Oil.


  • Place 2 small hand stones in warm towel warmer ahead of time to heat for hand/arm massage.

  • Prepare a small bowl of ice water with 6 mini stones for the cold stone eye treatment.

  • Prepare a Crock Pot with warm water and 10 folded organic facial cloths submerged in the water.

Recommended equipment: Tei Spa Brand - Sonic Spatula Ultrasonic Cleansing Tool.


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