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The Remedy Bar.

A proven merchandising system designed to connect guests with products via remedies.

Why isn't your spa

selling more products?

Unmotivated Staff

My service providers and spa team members are "healers". They don't want to be too pushy or sell products.


Confused Customers

Customers can't easily find the products that meet their skin or body needs.

Boring Displays

Ugly plastic packaging and 

disorganized merchandising make your retail area cluttered and difficult to shop.

The Remedy Bar solves these common retail sales problems.


Easy for Service Providers

Meet your guests at The Remedy Bar stations to recommend products based on the needs found in their spa service.


Easy for Customers

Customers can shop by station to find products that meet their skin or body concerns, and experience the products without the need for assistance.


Beautiful Displays

Gorgeous screen-printed glass bottles and compelling displays and signage provide an enticing shopping experience for everyone.

Increase your sales revenue by adding Clovertree's Remedy Bar stations to your retail area today!

Customize any remedy station to meet the needs of your business. All signs and products are available for purchase in any quantity desired. 

Receive a Complimentary Remedy Station Sign with the purchase of at least three (3) each of any three (3) products within a station.

Receive a Free Tester Product with the purchase of six (6) of any product SKU.

Suggested Remedy Bar station opening order kits:




oily skin or blemishes.jpg

Oily Skin or 

Blemishes Remedy

sensitive skin or rosacea.jpg

Sensitive Skin 

or Rosacea Remedy

dull skin or dark spots.jpg

Dull Skin or Dark Spots Remedy

dry or mature skin_.jpg

Dry or Mature Skin Remedy

fine lines & wrinkles.jpg

Fine Lines and Wrinkles Remedy

antioxidant booster.jpg

Antioxidant Booster Collection

youthful eyes.jpg

Youthful Eyes Collection

plant stem cells.jpg

Plant Stem Cell Collection

sore muscles.jpg

Sore Muscles 


stress or insomnia.jpg

Stress or Insomnia Remedy

eczema or dermatitis.jpg

Eczema or Dermatitis Remedy

first aid.jpg

First Aid 


sinus or headaches.jpg

Sinus or Headaches Remedy

vintage lavender.jpg

Vintage Lavender Collection

muscle relief & fresh eucalyptus.jpg

Muscle Relief & Fresh Eucalyptus Collection

wild mint.jpg

Wild Mint 


Lemon Grove Collection.jpg

Lemon Grove Collection

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